Wayne Loomer

About Me

I have been a Licensed Massage Therapist in the State of Arizona since 2008.   Prior to getting my Arizona license, I was licensed in Washington State from 1991 until 2008, and Certified in California from 1991 until 2020.  As of March 2020 I relocated to Southeastern Arizona and now work most of the area from San Simon, Portal, Douglas, Pearce/Sunsites, and Safford.

In 1967 I joined the United States Navy and spent the next 9 years working on the A-6A and EA-6B aircraft during the Viet Nam conflict.  After my discharge from Naval service in 1976, I had a home cleaning business for 4 years, then a wholesale business from 1981-1991.  I was introduced to the massage field in 1988, receiving my first-ever massage.  From that experience decided I wanted to go to massage school.   After graduating from Seattle Massage School in 1991, I moved to the Palm Springs area of Southern California.  In 1992 I began teaching at Banning Massage School in Desert Hot Springs, California where I taught Deep Tissue, Sports Massage and Therapeutic Techniques until 2001.  In October 2007 I received my diploma as a Traditional Naturopathic Practitioner, ND.  In January 2013 I became a Certified Medical Massage Therapy Instructor (CMMTI). 

Being passionate about Wholistic bodywork, I knew what I wanted to do for the rest of my life.  I was "hooked" after seeing what true bodywork can do to relieve pain, re-align the structure, and take someone from a state of dysfunction to being able to function normally within a short time.  It is my belief that the body has an innate, God given sense to heal itself.  This can be done through various modalities of bodywork in conjunction with the eight laws of health.  As a doctor of Traditional Naturopathy, using bodywork as the vehicle, I incorporate the use of the eight laws of health, educating clients as I work.  I believe that when someone is balanced in their Physical, Mental, and Spiritual lives the body will respond without question.

Manumit Health is the name of my health ministry.  For more information on what we do, go to the "more" button and select the Manumit Health page.

Teaching is one of my passions and if anyone would like to have a class on health and massage/bodywork topics, email me and we can discuss your ideas.