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We offer various products to help with your health.

Body Nectar is a creation of our ministry.  You can order it by email or phone.  When  you call or email just ask for Body Nectar

Body Nectar is a very emollient body lotion made from a proprietary blend of oils with the essence of citrus and lavender essential oils plus the added benefit of colloidal silver.  It can be used for massage or as a skin emollient after the bath or shower.  Everyone who has experienced it just loves it.  It's 100% vegetarian, hypoallergenic, no animal testing.  No animal ingredients.  

Testimonials for Body Nectar


I, Wayne, being a bodyworker can't afford to have rough, dry, cracked hands.  Whenever the weather changes to cold, my hands tend to get dry and cracked, especially around the fingernails.  My wife suggested I use this cream she got from the store.  So, I did.  It didn't work.  So I thought I should try the Body Nectar.  I applied it every few hours and within the first 8-12 hours my hands got back to normal.


My wife has extremely dry skin and uses the Body Nectar after she bathe's.  She has found it to be very soothing and non-irritating and relieves itching from the water.  She has Lyme disease (a tick borne illness) and experiences break outs in various places on her body.  She finds that the Body Nectar is very soothing and healing, shortening the duration of the sores.


AIM products are some of the best nutritive products on the market.  You can learn more about them through my website at AIMFORMANUMITHEALTH.COM


We also offer Colloidal Silver under the name Silver Drops

Colloidal Silver has been used for hundreds of years as a healing agent both internally and externally.  We cannot make any specific claims of its healing properties, but we can give you anecdotal endorsements to its effects.  There is much information online as to its benefits which you can research for yourself.

Testimonials for Colloidal Silver

A lady came to my office in 2009 in Willcox, Arizona saying that her horse had an infection in one of its hoofs.  She said she had tried everything but nothing was helping.   We suggested she try a spray bottle of Colloidal Silver;  to clean the hoof,  spray the CS on the hoof then wrap it with plastic wrap to keep the CS from drying out.  She did this for a few days and when she came back she said the horse's hoof was completely healed.  

My wife (Linda) developed Erysipelas (hemolytic streptococcus infection) from a cat scratch.  We were advised by an ND to Nebulize with the CS, spray it on topically, wrap it with plastic wrap, and to take it orally.  She did this and in three days the infection was completely healed, never to return.

  When a close family member was pregnant with her second child, she was informed by the medical staff at the clinic she was going to, that she had GBS (Group B Strep), and this was close to the time for delivery.  She told the nurse that she didn't want antibiotics because it could negatively affect the baby.  They told her that if she didn't take the antibiotics that they would call Child Protective Services at the time of delivery and take the child.  My wife suggested she try Colloidal Silver and if it cleared it up, great!   When she went in to deliver the baby they tested her once again for GBS and it didn't show up on the test.  The baby was born totally healthy and has not had any of the childhood diseases kids get.  And that was 12 years ago.

My wife and I live in the country where there are no physicians nearby.  Our ND training is really beneficial because we have the knowledge to treat most ailments or illnesses or diseases.  For every disease there is an herb or simple remedy that can treat it.

I, Wayne, got an insect bite and it turned into blood poisoning, with 2 red lines going up my arm and all.  I started on the Colloidal Silver orally and some other herbs that my wife administered.  Within a week the blood poisoning was gone.